Five ways to prepare for the SAT


The Official SAT Study Guide book

Julia Herrera, Reporter

Many have SAT testing right around the corner and are in a panic to be as prepared as possible for this rigorous test. Being prepared is always something students strive for, but many simply give up in frustration or exhaustion and end up ¨winging it.” Here are a few tips to make sure you succeed on your test, rather than relying on luck.



  • Make a study schedule – Creating a schedule that is adaptable to your lifestyle can be extremely useful. Mainly because it is up to you to choose when to study, but make sure you stick with your schedule. The only way to succeed is to follow through.  
  • Get familiar with the test – Understand how the test will work and how many sections you will need to complete. The SAT is based on your own knowledge and understanding. So make sure you understand the type of questions that will be asked.
  • It’s okay to ask for help! – Not during the test of course, but if you find yourself struggling with one of the test subjects while studying, ask for help. It is better to be well prepared in the subject, than not at all. Also, never feel bad for receiving help. If tutoring will benefit your success, then take advantage.
  • Don’t worry! You can skip! – While taking your test you may feel panic or fear which will distract you from doing your absolute best. This being said, you are also timed. Use every seconded you are given! Read each question carefully and if you still find yourself confused read over it again. When you just don’t know the answer it is perfectly fine to skip the question. On the test, points are not deducted when a question isn’t answered. So take a deep breathe and keep going!


Take advantage of your calculator – Through most of your math classes you may have heard that mental math is the most important and necessary. While taking the SAT your mind is already full of so much knowledge you might not remember what two plus two is. So don’t be afraid to use your calculator! Take advantage of this small perk while you solve strenuous math problems.