Adopt, Don’t Shop

Santa Maria Humane Society

Santa Maria Humane Society

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Save an animal’s life by adopting, not shopping! Adopting an animal saves 3.2 million homeless animal lives a year and gives animals a second chance at life.  


The Santa Maria Valley Humane Society is a no-kill, non-profit animal shelter that has saved thousands of dog and cat lives by providing  many services to help better these animals. From giving dogs and cats a chance to find new loving homes, offering a low cost spay and neuter, to offering a wellness clinic to help enhance the lives of these animals, the Humane Society wants animals in the area to live a long and prosperous life.


If you are currently not looking to bring a new family member into your life, there are many ways to help animals that need homes at the Humane Society rather than adoption.


One of biggest ways to help is through the volunteer program the shelter offers. The volunteer program at the Humane Society lets you help find dogs and cats that need homes with a new loving and caring family.  At the Humane Society, you can do many other jobs as a volunteer. From socializing the cats, working with dogs, and assisting in the front office, there is a volunteer opportunity for everyone to help the shelter animals. I am currently a volunteer at the Humane Society, and I volunteer in two specific ways. One is with the cats which I can do at anytime. With the cats I help socialize them so that when they come in to the shelter they are socialized and not scared of humans. The other is in the front office on Sundays. In the front office I help with filing and answering questions to let the staff have more time to do their job.  I have to say that volunteering at the Humane Society has been the best volunteer program with an organization in the Santa Maria Valley area.


Whether you are looking to bring a new best friend into your life or are wanting to give back to your community through volunteering, check out the Santa Maria Valley Humane Society where you can save an animal’s life.

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