A Promising Start to a New School Year


Mrs. Kintzi smiling in her art class.

Rachel Golden, Reporter

Mrs. Dona Kintzi, one of the advisors for the Class of 2019, certainly thinks the class is on its way to becoming one of the most successful in our school’s history.

The Class of 2019 has had a successful run so far, as they hit the ground running their freshman year with fundraising, and haven’t stopped since. So far they have raised just over $4,600, and have started making plans to bring their total even higher as shared at the meeting on Tuesday, August 15.

When asked about why the class has been successful, Kintzi gives a lot of credit to the class officers and Mrs. Brenda Williams, the other class advisor. “She does the brunt of the work,” claims Kintzi, regarding their roles as advisors. Kintzi says that while she does official work, such as putting events on calendars and making sure rules are followed, Williams has invested a lot of effort into promoting the class.

Though she feels the past leadership has been pivotal to the class’s success, she thinks this year’s new officers will affect the club positively. This year the class secretary and treasurer, Kati Ahrens and Rachel Golden (yes, yours truly), remained the same, but the roles of class president and vice president are now filled by Robert Jimenez and Celine Busnelli. Kintzi believes that “bringing in new blood is always good, because you learn from what we did the years before and we keep doing better every year.”

Kintzi thinks the meeting on Tuesday got the Class of 2019 off to a promising start this year. Good luck to the Class of 2019 as they set out to make history.