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Powderpuff, from a coach’s perspective

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3 terrifying, enraged, snarling girls charged at the quarterback as she heaved it into the air. The ball spun in the air. It disappeared in the sunlight for an instant, before falling back toward Earth. Four hands came up to meet it, but only two did. The Juniors made the catch!!

That is one of the many memories from the Powderpuff game. From our two touchdowns to competitive drills in practice to “losing an eyebrow” on another player’s back and names involving pancakes, Powderpuff has helped bring our class together and have a field full of fun.

The game was played on May 19th at 3:30.

The game couldn’t have been put on without the organization of Cloey and Tori, and the help of Mr. Verch.

A special thanks goes out to the referees to volunteer their time. It couldn’t have been done without the coaches, who dealt with broken nails, broken plays, and even a broken finger. They had to find motivation even when there was none and make smiles out of thin air.

And of course the best part was the players. They might have started timid and afraid, but it was amazing to see how they changed. You could see the intensity in their eyes when warming up. Every practice, including the mondays and the night before helped prepare them for the game. The girls were excited to play, and play they did. Running, pulling, and sometimes pushing to the ground.  I could not be more proud of my team; my co-coaches, all the players on both teams, and the captains who put extra work into the team.

Powderpuff was an amazing experience I’ll never forget.

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Powderpuff, from a coach’s perspective