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The awful back parking at Orcutt Academy

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Recently, Spartan Oracle reporter, Sarah Silva, highlighted the issues with Orcutt Academy’s front parking lot. Now we must discuss the problems with the lot in the back.


The mixture of dirt and gravel that spans the area in the back is a sad excuse for a parking lot. Even when compared to the one in the front, the back parking lot does not stand a chance. A wide range of problems accompany it, such as ant armies, dangerous rocks, and double parking. When listed these issues may seem a bit trivial, but imagine having to haul your car out of the massive mud ponds that accumulate after rain storms, or fixing your window after its been cracked by flying gravel. Spartans have reported these problems over the last two years.


Senior Sarah Silva refuses to park in the back lot since her car got stuck in the mess that was caused by a little rain. One day after school, Sarah was waiting to leave because of the annoying double parking when she found that her time would be prolonged even more. The culprit? A sinking hole of dirt and sand. Alone and unsure of what to do, Sarah asked a few boys to help her dig her car out. After an hour of waiting Sarah had finally made her way out of the parking lot.


The inconveniences don’t stop there though. Complaints have been made about broken windows because of the rough gravel and miniature dust storms that are constantly chalked up. When added to the list of problems with the font parking lot it’s clear that this is a serious issue at Orcutt Academy. Somehow changes need to be made.


How exactly can we solve this problem OA? What steps do we need to take so that the necessity of parking is no longer a grievance or a hazard? Three years ago a student approached the school board and asked for it to be paved. The cost is relatively low and it would benefit not only the school, but the community who uses the lot during the weekends. The Spartan Oracle will follow up with answers to these questions and hopes to report on a change.

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The awful back parking at Orcutt Academy