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Top 10 Memes

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Now that we are at the end of the school year, it is time to look back on the top influences over OA students throughout the year.


  1. Cash me Ousside

Such a terrible meme it shouldn’t have made the list. However, this meme is iconic as it resurfaced from the corners of the internet where it belonged. Because of her actions on the Doctor Phil show, Danielle Bregoli is now a millionaire celebrity. Regardless of the lack of merit behind her stardom, Cash Me Ousside girl deserves a spot on this list.


  1. Steve Harvey

As the face of a funny and popular show, Steve Harvey has always had a lot of meme potential. After his gaffe at the Mrs. Universe competition, memes surrounding his mistake flooded the internet. Other mistakes, like the Oscars, reminisce of the same problem and keep Steve Harvey relevant.


  1. Salt Bae

Everyone loves food, and everyone loves food prepared beautifully. Salt Bae manages to capture that in the most extra way possible. His iconic video spurred an outpouring of memes and even a snapchat emoji. Newer videos continue to turn up on social media, and are quickly turned into more memes.


  1. T-Rex Costume

Sorry Philosoraptor fans, there’s dinosaur in town. The Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume was a hilarious costume worn by both children, adults, and delinquent troublemakers. The timing of this meme was impeccable, as many kids paid $60 to wear it for Halloween. Someone even competed on American Ninja Warrior in the costume!!


  1. White Guy Blinking

One of the most relatable memes, the white guy blinking exemplifies what happens in our heads on a daily basis. Either relatable, truthful, or downright ironic, this meme was iconic from this year and deserves a place on this list.


  1. AP Memes

AP memes are an inside joke depending on what AP tests the viewer has taken. These memes are nonsense to anyone who hasn’t struggled three hours through the test; but for those of us who have, they provide relief that we didn’t struggle alone. Similar memes are come from the SAT and PSAT.


  1. Student Athlete

This meme owes its significance to twitter and high school students who are courageous, daring, and untiring enough to take on both a sport and school at the same time. This meme pays homage to those who grind all day, every day and give it all to god, or at least the god on Corinthians 24.


  1. Arthur

There are many Arthur memes; however, the closed fist is most iconic. The most recent Arthur meme is often mixed with other memes in a fusion blend of memes, making this meme iconic. Additionally the meme is quite nostalgic, which is why it is one of the top 3 memes.


  1. Kermit

I do not understand meme culture’s obsession with frogs. Pepe is trash. However, Kermit more than makes up for it. Kermit also has more than one meme to his name. Whether he is talking to himself in a hood or sipping tea, Kermit has made millennials laugh and hopefully will continue to do so for years to come.


  1. Spongebob

Let’s be real, an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants is 11 minutes of memes. After 211 episodes, the show has gifted us with more than enough material. Plankton, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Patrick, Squidward, clarinets, rock houses, and tons of other spongebob memes. We could probably dedicate a museum just to spongebob memes. Instead, they just take the number one spot on this list.  


Honorable Mentions: These memes sit just outside the top 10: Willy Wonka, Ken Bone, Rick Harrison, Gordon Ramsey, and the man waking up in the hospital.

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Top 10 Memes