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Messy Campus

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The campus of Orcutt Academy can be compared to the bedroom of a twelve year old boy:     cheap cologne masks the faint smell of mold, mangled food items litter the ground, and discarded papers pile up behind neglected trash cans. Although it would not be fair to say that the campus is in a constant state of disarray, the truth is, Orcutt Academy is pretty messy.

It’s bananas – literally. Today, there was one on the girl’s bathroom sink, another smashed into the concrete sidewalk, and the remains of a third was left to rot behind the trashcan in room 28. Naturally, the yellow fruit is not the only repeat offender – half eaten cheese sticks, deformed oranges, and bruised apples also make frequent appearances scattered around the campus. Additionally, unwanted papers and wrappers are other garbage items that tend to get left behind. As high school students, one might assume that by now we would be active in cleaning up after ourselves, but this isn’t always the case.

One of the main causes for OA’s untidiness is a lack of effort by the students to keep it clean. During lunch and break students often throw around food, or discard trash onto the ground, ignoring the wastebin in close proximity. Recently, classrooms and other buildings previously opened for lunch were closed due to messes left behind, including the library and Mr. Verch’s room. OA’s librarian, Mrs. Williams, told the Oracle she discontinued lunch in the library because she found trash all around her room, such as old taco trays hidden in the book cases and food wrappers around the computers.

Other reasons for Orcutt Academy’s dirty campus consist of more unavoidable factors. For example, weather storms that bring in rain or wind result in wet bathroom floors, leaf covered carpets in classrooms and fallen branches. Although there is nothing to be done about preventing mother nature from having her way, there are simple steps that can be taken to limit the mess that follows. Door mats in the bathrooms could stop muddy foot prints in the stalls, and cleaning leafs before the wind comes would keep them from dirtying the classroom floors.

To be honest, the messy campus at Orcutt Academy isn’t an emergency or an issue that urgently needs to be fixed. What is important is that we start respecting our school and treating it as a place where we come to learn and grow, not our dirty bedroom. A sloppy environment reflects poorly on our school and it is up to us to change that. Simple steps can be taken to improve our surroundings, starting with actually caring. As inhabitants of Orcutt Academy, we need to start caring enough to clean up after ourselves, pick up trash we see left behind, and call out others who are disrespecting the campus.

Thank you to the clean up staff at OA who work to make the campus a more orderly place. Spartans, let’s do our best to help them and make our school better for everyone!

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