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My Top 10 Disney Movies!

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10 The Little Mermaid: I know a lot of people who want to be a mermaid, but ever heard of a mermaid who wants to be human? Ariel, a young mermaid, has the dream to be a human and live the way they do, especially when she falls in love.

9 The Jungle Book: A movie about a young boy who was raised by wolves and panther will always have an interesting story. Mowgli is a tough young boy and encounters many animals who test him, but he always takes the challenge. This movie will always be one of my favorites.

8 Alice in Wonderland: Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass produced by Tim Burton are both good movies, but the disney version is always the best. As Alice falls through a rabbit hole, she notices that something is off; she later finds out she was in Wonderland.

7 Brother Bear: This movie is a cute story about brotherhood with the good and bad side of humankind. When Kenai, a young Indian, gets turned into a bear because he killed the bear that killed his brother. He later found a friend who was still a cub, named Koda, he goes on a trip to the mountain that can change him back into a human.

6 The Lion King: This classic, popular movie has been seen by many, but not all. Young Simba is getting ready to be the new leader, but when his uncle Scar gets involved things go another way.

5 Finding Nemo: Can you imagine your little child being captured by a huge human? Well that’s exactly what Marlin went through when Nemo was taken. He goes on a long trip to find his son and meets some friends along the way.

4 Mulan: This movie will always be my favorite women empowerment story. Mulan a young woman takes the role as a soldier to protect her father, since he isn’t capable of going due to an injury. During the training and on their way to war, she falls in love with the captain, but tries to hide her identity.

3 Pocahontas: Even though this movie is not even close to the real story, I love it. Of course it includes romance between two star-crossed lovers who “can’t be together”, but the story takes a few turns and doesn’t end up how everyone expects it to be.

2 Lilo and Stitch: My mom always said the relationship between Lilo and Stitch was similar to the relationship between me and my brother. Lilo who lives with her older sister since her parents died, finds Stitch at a dog kennel and takes him home. Later on she finds out that Stitch is an alien and escaped from their jail, but Lilo won’t let them take him.

1 Aladdin: Out of every Disney movie, Aladdin is my favorite. Aladdin, who is a peasant with an amazing heart, pretends to be a prince when he finds a lamp that will grant any wish. When he meets a princess named Jasmine, he falls in love with her and later discovers that lying won’t get him anywhere.

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My Top 10 Disney Movies!