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Assessing AP Testing

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After two stressful weeks, AP testing is finally done. OA students have worked (some more than others) and studied for the whole year (or crammed the past few weeks. Or both).

Now, we students wait anxiously until July, where we learn the fate of some of our hardest classes. Being separated into groups 1,2,3,4,or 5s in a cruel but justified way to test our preparedness for college. Our GPAs may have gotten a boost from the weighted class, but we paid for that boost in long hours and sleepless nights. Even then, some schools do not use weighted GPAs. For some of us, we will be lucky enough to receive a passing score and even college credit. Once again, that is only if your college accepts the credit.

At least the AP tests were a good source of relatable memes on twitter. Now that the tests are done, AP students can take a break. Many get to relax and focus on other subjects for once. Those subjects include sleeping, sleeping, and more sleeping. Oh wait, we still have to study for our concurrent enrollment classes. Even the counselors must be relieved. They must have memorized the paragraph about not talking about the AP tests because they read it so many times. Speaking of which, I’m not supposed to write about the AP tests. So with that, please don’t call the college board and good luck with the rest of the year.

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Assessing AP Testing