Iconic Couples

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Iconic Couples

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Anika: Valentine’s Day is just passed, a time to remember the most iconic couples.

Rayah: First and foremost, Kim and Kanye.

A: More importantly, Rob and Blac Chyna.

R: They are completely irrelevant to the word iconic, Anika.

A: Whoa, let’s just take a minute to remember that the most iconic breakup belongs to them.

R: Please, a staged breakup doesn’t compare to the years of iconic outfits and outings Kim and Kanye have blessed us with.

A: How would they stage Blac Chyna running away with the baby? Rob cried real tears.

R: “Real” tears that probably made him thousands of dollars in publicity.

A: Okay, but I’m sure Kim and Kanye have staged plenty of events for publicity. And never forget that Kanye supports Donald Trump, while Kim doesn’t. Their days are numbered.

R: If Kim and Kanye have stayed together while America falls apart they deserve the title of most iconic couple.

A: But Rob’s little sister is dating Blac Chyna’s ex-husband, and if they can get past that, they will definitely survive the downfall of America.

R: Chyna will never be a real Kardashian, and the more she tries the sillier she looks.

A: That’s true, no one will ever be more iconic than the Kardashians.

R: Some local couples may come close.

A: What was the name of that foreign boy and junior girl who dated?

R: I have no idea who you are referring to, but I think the legendary Joenna might be the most iconic of them all.

A: Maybe, but there is something about a long distance relationship that automatically makes a couple iconic.

R: Mmmm perhaps, but there’s nothing like an Instagram account to celebrate your relationship.

A: Well maybe you should make one.

R: Maybe you should admit how iconic Joenna is.

A: Touché.

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