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The Hunt for Turtles

For the past three weeks, I have been on independent study while vacationing in Hawaii. This is part three of a three part series on some things I saw and explored while in Hawaii.

There are a few things required when going to Hawaii. One is to see the turtles, or Honu in Hawaiian.

Our first chance to swim with the turtles came while scuba diving. Underneath the waves lay giant rock cathedrals with many types of fish and coral. However, there were no turtles. After taking advice from a local, my family and I headed to Poipu beach, a small boat loading area, perfect for snorkeling. Except it wasn’t.

That day had lots of rain and swells, which ruined the visibility under water. After a few more days, we decided to stake out a place called Turtle Town. Not actually a single place, Turtle Town refers to 5 beaches along the coast where turtles came to get their shells cleaned by a certain type of fish. Fifty turtles were rumored to be there but after an hour of snorkeling none were to be found. Finally, it was time to leave Hawaii. On the last day, in a desperate hope to find some turtles, my family left early for the airport and stopped in Paia. The beach there had very rough surf and many rocks. 3 of the rocks sitting on the beach were not rocks at all. Three turtles, about 4 feet long, were basking in the sand.

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