Board Meeting 10/12/16

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Tuesday, October 11, the school board meetings were held in the Olga Reed Gymnasium located in Los Alamos. Two meetings occurred, beginning with a Charter Board meeting and concluding with the monthly Board of Trustees meeting.

First and foremost, a sizeable gift of musical instruments and supplies were donated to the district by iCan, a nonprofit children’s arts program that provides over three-thousand students in Santa Barbara Country with musical and art resources. Another donation was made by Sarah Torres to the Lakeview economics department. OAHS itself received a total of one-thousand dollars in support for the athletics program. Another donation of five-hundred dollars was gifted to our Spartan football team.

During the Charter meeting, our Superintendent Dr. Deborah Blow took the floor and provided a general update. The Trustees then proceeded to review the previous month’s minutes, and discuss hiring additional athletic coaches for this school year. These topics are included in the “Consent Agenda,” which means the Board members are provided with information regarding the issues prior to voting at the meeting.

In the regular board meeting, the Trustees continued to discuss prevalent topics in the Orcutt School District. This included reviewing Board Policies regarding pregnant and parenting students, as well as discussing Physical Education (Policy 6142.7) and Guidance Counseling services for second readers (6164.2). The Physical Education Policies are not new to the Trustee’s attention, as they have been considered for revision both in June and September of last year.

The next Board meeting is a Special Curriculums meeting that is scheduled to occur on October 26, at the District Office in Orcutt.

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