Gym Shorts: Megan Vise

Megan Vise, a sophomore here at Orcutt Academy, is on the varsity tennis team, and has taken the time to answer a few questions for us.  

Megan has lived here in Orcutt all of her life, but has been to a few different schools. For elementary school and part of junior high, she attended Valley Christian Academy, a Christian private school here in Orcutt. She also attended Pacific Christian, another private school. Now Megan is here at Orcutt Academy and is playing for the varsity tennis team.

Megan has played tennis since she was nine years old, and has always been a natural at it. When asked why she started playing tennis, she replied, “because I quit karate, and I needed to have some type of exercise to keep healthy.” With two practices and two matches a week, it’s quite time consuming. Megan said that if she were to do another sport, it would probably be track, but she’s not sure if she has the time for it.

Megan is one of the best on our tennis team here, and with this much talent as a sophomore, we can expect a bright future for our tennis team.