The Republican Party Platform claims the following:

Republicans believe the government can’t create prosperity; government only makes it harder to attain prosperity. The Democrats and Obama have increased poverty by 7 million people, and lost $8 trillion compared with an average recovery. Republicans believe Americans can do better. They want to create an economy of inclusion, similar to the Reagan era. To accomplish that, they will overhaul the tax code and simplify it–cutting taxes that discourage thrift or investment, and eliminate special interest loopholes and curb corporate welfare. To bring companies back, they will switch to a territorial system so that profits will create jobs in America, not other countries. They will renegotiate trade agreements, and if needed walk away and punish countries that don’t trade. They will limit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which limits local and regional banks.

The Republican platform is hoping for a rebirth of constitutional government.

Republicans want more Americans to own homes instead of renting, and scale back the federal role in the housing market. They also need to hand over infrastructure decisions to local communities. The federal government should enforce non-discrimination laws, but allow self government of citizens.

Republicans, just like other parties, have a vision of what the future should entail, as well as methods of getting there.

The Republican Platform states that they propose to “remove from the Highway Trust Fund programs that should not be the business of the federal government” (Republican Platform). When they state this, some of their logic refers to the fact that much of the funding is being used for other purposes. Some of these purposes include building and maintaining running paths and trails for pedestrians, maintaining sidewalks, historical renovations, and maintaining ferry boats.

In order to further better America, there is a call to repeal different acts. Some of these repeals include the phasing out of the federal transit system and the repeal of the Davis-Bacon Law. These systems and laws limit or delay construction, drive up maintenance costs, and create additional costs for transportation projects. The platform also calls for a better unionization in government agencies dealing with national security. In fact, they claim that they will “correct the mistake” that the current Administration made in reversing the Transportation Security Administration policy. In order to show the importance of reversing this, the platform brings to remembrance that America is threatened by terrorism.

The party firmly believes God gives individuals rights.

The party firmly believes God gives individuals rights. Therefore, this creates equality, and the government stands to protect these rights. They abide by four basic principles: Limited government involvement, separation of powers, individual liberty, and rule of law. The most important task of all is to restore Americans’ faith and hope in the government and America’s future  by electing a Republican president. It is important that we all have our natural God-given rights.

Foreign laws and precedents must be negotiated carefully. They should not interpret our laws nor should we make unnecessary alliances, as George Washington had warned. The Republican Platform will reject adoption of treaties that will debilitate American authority.
They strongly hold their belief in religious freedom, and believe Americans should be able to freely act upon their beliefs everyday. They support public display of the 10 commandments to reflect America’s history. The Bill of Rights protects the right of Americans to practice their religions freely. Furthermore, they value the right to speak freely according to faith. They promise to defend these rights and the beliefs of all Americans.

Later sections in A Rebirth of Constitutional Government, touch on the Amendments in the Bill of Rights. This portion of the Republican Platform outlines the Republican plans to restore America to a more “constitutional country”.

The first of these sections is based on the Fourth Amendment. It calls for the liberty and privacy of Americans. In support of communication free of unlawful government intrusion, the Republican party opposes any legislation to require surveillance devices in our daily lives. The platform also calls for a repeal of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act which warrants the seizure of personal financial information without reasonable suspicion or probable cause.

…the Republican party plans protect children before birth, as well as the private physical property and intellectual property of an individual.

Also detailed in the Republican platform is the protection of human life and property, referencing the Fifth Amendment. This part states the Republican intentions to uphold the Constitution’s guarantee of protecting one’s “life, liberty or property”. In order to support this Amendment, the Republican party plans protect children before birth, as well as the private physical property and intellectual property of an individual. The Republican Party is firm in its opposition of abortion. Some of their plans against it include banning the use of public funds to promote abortion, urging all states to make it a crime to sell fetal tissue for research, and appointing judges with traditional family values. To restore the rights concerning physical and intellectual property, the Republican party calls for the enforcement of new property laws against all of those who infringe.

Inspired by the Ninth Amendment, the next section focuses on the people’s retained rights. In doing so, the party calls on legislators to give full force to the fundamental principle that all power is derived from the people. The Republican party welcomes all citizens wanting to reclaim their rights that have been ignored by the federal and state governments.  

The party calls on legislators to give full force to the fundamental principle that all power is derived from the people.

They also emphasize the Tenth Amendment. In this section, the principles of federalism, honest elections, and the right to vote are asserted by the Republican party. To uphold these principles the platform first pledges to balance the power between the state and federal government. In providing a more honest election, the Republican party plans to enhance voting procedures through legislation and stricter voting guidelines. Also, to ensure the voting rights of every individual, the platform calls for troops to be allowed to vote in a timely manner.

Furthermore, it is important that the rights included in the Constitution are upheld by government. As can be seen through the propositions in the Republican platform, they intend to focus on these individual rights to reinforce a more just society. With their plans to uphold the Amendments in the Bill of Rights, the Republican party is on their way to restoring America to a fairer country for all. If Republicans are successful in following through with the pledges stated in their platform, they believe Americans will benefit greatly from a Republican office.

The Republican Platform of 2016 also addresses their policies on agriculture, energy, and the environment. The basic underlying idea of the section was that the state should have control of their resources.

Specifically, the Republican policy on harvests is that foreign markets are useful, our current system of food production is good, and that they will work towards the “preservation, not the reservation, of working lands.” In regards to energy, the party supports allowing development of nuclear technology.

Within both political parties, there are plans to change the nation for the better. The Republican platform, focuses on America’s management of money, and immigration. The budget, under Barack Obama, has increased 9 billion dollars. The republican party accredits Medicare and Medicaid for the increased deficit, and plans to adjust it. More than 100 million Americans are reliant on Medicare or Medicaid, and the republican administration plans on shrinking this number. This is allows for a better quality of treatment for the people who actually need it.

Immigration is a major point in today’s America, and the republican party supports immigration. The party has said numerous times, that they support immigration. What they do not support, is illegal immigration. These illegal aliens are draining the economy, and are a danger to society. In these times, the amount of crime flowing into America is immense. Drugs, human trafficking, and terrorism cross into our borders, making us as a nation unsecure. This is the reason the party, including Donald Trump, support building a wall along our Southern border.

The Republicans call for a new federal tax code that is so simple to understand that the IRS becomes obsolete.

The Republicans call for a new federal tax code that is so simple to understand that the IRS becomes obsolete. They would also like every taxpayer to be prepared to pass an audit as well as the pentagon and the Department of Defense. They also call to reduce, rather than expand, government responsibilities. They also support the right of the citizens of Puerto Rico to be admitted to the union as a fully sovereign state.

These ideals could also help struggling families with tax troubles be able to recognize and fix their tax troubles. Also by auditing the pentagon and the DOD we would be able to save money and put it to good use.          

The Republican Party of the United States prides itself on sustaining citizen and local control over family life, as well as the American education system. In the belief that the foundation of American society and family lies between the marriage of one man and one woman, the Republican Party therefore believes that the loss of this family life leads to the dependence upon federal government. Opposing the redefinition of marriage is supported by the Republican Party as well. In accordance, every child needs to be in a two-parent household, for the Republican Party firmly believes that children raised in such a household will be healthier, safer, and perform their best in school. Putting an end to regulations upon start-up enterprises, school formations, and other public services are focal points for the Republican Party to improve American family life as well.

Opposing the redefinition of marriage is supported by the Republican Party…

Education in America should not be interfered by state, federal, or international governments according to the Republican Party. An opposition against Common Core teaching and implementing the Bible in schools as an elective are foundations in what the party supports. Republicans believe in diverse schooling options for the United States, as well as strict rules and regulations regarding gender fluidity in public schools. A call for a greater increase in competition with traditional four-year colleges will hopefully create a diverse and unique approach for higher educations for the future generations.

The Party promises that by electing a Republican to the White House, they will restore law and order to America and safety to our citizens…

A worry in many American citizens’ minds is that of national security. Throughout the Republican Platform, the Party promises that by electing a Republican to the White House, they will restore law and order to America and safety to our citizens. This starts with the military. The Republican Party states that they are committed to rebuilding the U.S. military into the, “strongest on Earth.”

In the face of threats from ISIS and other terrorist organizations, the Republican Party states that restoring our nation’s military strength should be a priority. Problems in the Middle East have extended to virtually every continent, and the party believes the Obama Administration so mishandled the Arab Spring that it destroyed the entire region. The Republican Party finds it vital that we as a nation stand up for our allies, challenge our enemies, and destroy ISIS. The Republican Platform states that America must rebuild its troop numbers and readiness to protect our nation and it’s people. The deal with Iran to lift international sanctions and make hundreds of billions of dollars available to the Mullahs is a big problem in the Republican party’s eyes. The deal has enabled the regime in Tehran to sponsor terrorism across the Middle East, abuse thousands of civilian’s rights, as well as the development of nuclear weapons inscribed with “Death to Israel.” A Republican president would consider all options in order to deal with a situation that intensely threatens our nation’s security, interests, and the survival of our allies. The Republican party states that a major key to America’s success is to no longer tolerate a President’s rules (not laws)  that put America’s troops in harm’s way.

The Republican party states that there is no parallel to the destruction that President Obama has done to weaken our state. One of the many examples includes the unfortunate event of American personnel being deserted without adequate security in Benghazi. Also neglected are our nation’s strategic forces. The Ground-Based Midcourse Defense system is stated to be both “delayed and underfunded” as our nation has put a halt on the development and deployment of ballistic missile defenses. Another abuse includes the leniency that has been given to Russia as they have been able to build up their nuclear arsenal while reducing ours. For example, Moscow has repeatedly violated the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, by testing missiles banned under the agreement.

The Republican Platform states that our nation is most secure when the president and the administration prioritizes “readiness, recruitment, and retention” rather than using our military to further a social or political agenda. Our government has prioritized the long-term issues of our nation, such as climate change, rather than the issues that involve thousands of endangered lives. The guard is too essential to our national defense to be a secondary decision.

Our nation is most secure when the president and the administration prioritizes “readiness, recruitment, and retention”…