Teacher Feature: Ms. Miller

Emily Alvarado, Reporter


Second-year teacher Ms. Heidi Miller is known around Orcutt Academy for her passion about Spanish, and this year she will expand her courses to include AP Spanish and as Senior Advisor. Ms. Miller sat down with the Oracle and explained how her passion for her faith ties into her passion for culture, and in turn, her love for teaching.

Ms. Miller grew up moving around. She lived in San Jose, Costa Rica for a year and a half when she was in second grade, and in third grade, Ms. Miller moved to Montevideo, Uruguay for another year and a half. These adventures in her childhood jumpstarted Ms. Miller’s passion for cultures and languages. She believes this was the early interest in her love of language and culture, and she notes, “Every culture shows us something different about God’s character”, which is why she loves culture and language so much.

This year, Ms. Miller has taken on the job of teaching AP Spanish 4 at Orcutt Academy this year. This is the first AP class she has taught and also the first AP Spanish class on our campus. There are two students in Ms. Miller’s AP Spanish 4 class, and since there are only two students, they meet with her Spanish 3 class. These students are required to be independent and hard-working and carry much of their learning on their own. Ms. Miller works with these students and explains that the majority of their learning right now is based from reading current events in Spanish. This has been a tough course so far, especially since the curriculum has not yet been delivered. Still, Ms. Miller stays positive explaining that they are getting to review and build off of Spanish 3 concepts as they prepare to dig into the AP curriculum.

Ms. Miller is  also tasked with advising the Class of 2017. Over the summer, Ms. Miller attended CADA Camp in Santa Barbara in order to improve her skills in helping the senior class. CADA Camp is a leadership conference that has been spoken very highly of. “Service Before Self” was the main focus of CADA Camp this year and Ms. Miller expressed that she enjoyed this theme very much as it lines up with her personal values.

Ms. Miller is truly an asset to Orcutt Academy with her passion for teaching, culture, and kindness. To anyone who is unsure of taking Spanish, Ms. Miller can most definitely show you the wonders and joys of the culture and also share her love for other ways of life.