Life after OA: Robbie Vilarino


Robbie Vilarino went to OAHS for the first 7 semesters of his high school career, but went to Righetti for his final semester. We caught up with Robbie to find out more about his transition from OAHS to RHS.

When asked about why he switched, Robbie said, “I didn’t even want to go Righetti. I loved OA. It all happened because my counselor and I were butting heads. I wanted free periods but [the school] refused to give me them because I had a 2.94 GPA and I had to have a 3.0 GPA to qualify for free periods. I was also behind in PE credits and my only option was to take a sport or take PE or else I couldn’t graduate. I hate sports and I didn’t want to be at school 7 hours a day while my friends were leaving before lunch. My only option was to go to Righetti where I got out at 11:25 everyday and I didn’t have to play a sport.”

When asked how he feels about OAHS, Robbie said, “For those who say I switched because I hated everyone or hate the school are wrong. OA was my stomping ground. Yeah, they can be a little unfair and ridiculous at some times but that place was like my second home. Everyone knew me and I knew everyone. It wasn’t hard to switch schools though because everyone I cared about at OA still hung out with me everyday after school when I went to Righetti. Everyone asks me if I like Righetti better and the answer is hello no.”

Since Robbie graduated from high school, he has accomplished many things from landing a new job at the new store “Rue 21” in the mall, to launching a popular series of vlogs of his summer on YouTube. Robbie noted he started the vlog: “I knew it was pretty much my last summer so I had to live it up and have as much fun as possible! Just so I could remember this summer for the rest of my life I started a vlogging channel. I basically made webisodes of my day recording everything me and my friends did and put it all together and uploaded it on YouTube for the world to see.” After about a month of vlogging, unfortunately, Robbie’s GoPro was stolen which basically put an end to his days of vlogging. He also felt that since summer was ending, it made sense for his vlog to end as well. Although his vlogging days are over, he was very pleased with the fact that his vlog was able to, “Bring bikers, skaters, and scooters all together.”

Robbie decided not to go to college straight out of high school. When asked why he made this decision, he said, “I don’t believe in going straight to a university at this age because studying for a major is basically like signing your life away to that one option you are limiting yourself to.” However, he also said, “One day I will most likely go to college. I hope I don’t have to though. I love learning, but the way school teaches isn’t the way for me.”

It is clear that Robbie liked OA a lot and he definitely will live on as one of Orcutt Academy’s most proud Spartans. The Oracle wishes him the best of luck on his journey!