Adrianne Lambert: The life of a freshman

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Becoming a freshman is not only a big deal, but it is a turning point in your life. Most kids would’ve admittedly been afraid of starting high school, I know I was, but then I came  across Adrianne. She is not only ready for the challenges coming her way, but she isn’t afraid; meet Adrianne, a freshman girl who is very confident in her skills.

Adrianne said her first day went incredibly well. She even found all her classes and didn’t get lost! She has also found the Freshman Connect Crew (FCC). She shares this group is extremely helpful, which is one thing that makes OA unique from other high schools. Leaders of the FCC and others on campus are what she really likes about OAHS.  She says, “[This school has] a really friendly atmosphere.”

She plans to spend all four years here at Orcutt Academy and to graduate from here too. In her own words, “I am really looking forward to my high school experience here at OA.”  She said she can’t wait to make new friends and new memories.

As you can see the life of a freshman isn’t always hard, you just have to be brave and try your hardest!