Andrew Doctor leaves Orcutt Academy for Colorado


Andrew Doctor, a former student athlete from OAHS, recently relocated to Colorado Springs where he is adjusting to life as a junior in high school.

Andrew Doctor now goes to Liberty High school, as part of Academy School District 20. This marks Andrew’s eighth move in his life as his father serves in the military. At this new location, Andrew says the mountains are beautiful, and in the school everything is newer. He notes the cultures are quite similar as “both areas [Liberty and Orcutt Academy] have similar clothes and style, and listen to the same Top 50 music.”

Andrew described his new school as “all one building, besides the pods.” The pods, Andrew notes, are similar to rooms 27 and 28 at Orcutt Academy–”portable-styled” classrooms. Additionally, Liberty High School is a V shape, with 4 hallways on two floors. Doctor describes the school as “much better funded”. He notes the school is developed with a brand new weight room, gym, pool, and at least 5 computer labs. Clearly it is different than our converted elementary school campus.

Although there are advantages at his new school, he admits there are also downsides. Andrew says that the teachers have about 200 students per day and anywhere between “13-32 students per classroom.” Doctors dislikes the traffic, and the size of Colorado Springs. He misses the weather, the community, and the beach from California.

To anyone that might move schools, Andrew Doctor recommends some advice: “Relax. Don’t stress over it.” We wish Andrew the best of luck at his new school.