Emi awards


The EMI Award, or Educational Media Innovation Award, is an Orcutt Union School District prize awarded to teachers in honor of films created by their students.

The group handing out the awards is the Digital Media Academy. The idea behind the program is to incorporate learning with media-making technology. It was brought to our district by our superintendent last year and has been enjoyed since. In addition to the awards, the program also helps fund classroom supplies and technology.

Many classes on the Orcutt Academy campus are involved in trying to win the award. Students submit the productions they create in class and the best ones receive awards. This year, the ceremony took place at Santa Maria High School. There is a broad variety of films with age groups for young elementary school students all the way up to high school. This year, the winners at Orcutt Academy were Mrs. Chavez, Mr. McManus, and Mr. Culbertson for their class’ work. Their students all spent a lot of time creating and editing an what would be award winning films. Mrs Chavez says, “I like the class because it allows students to be creative and do something different than learning out of a textbook.”

All in all, the class is a great way to learn more about movies and producing them. Anyone who is interested in media and wants to be involved in creating movies in encouraged to take this class. Check out the winning video at the top of the page.