Is the SAT worth it?


In high school students have the opportunity to take the SAT,  a California standardized test that is generally taken by juniors, but is open for grades 7th through 12th.

The SAT can be beneficial because is allows students to think through and use academic skills they’ve learned. The test is definitely not easy, but if you can sit for a few hours it may help you in the long run when applying for college.

During the application process for colleges, your SAT scores are important to show college boards. If you earn a high score, colleges will be more likely to accept you.  A good SAT score can also help you earn free scholarships. Some colleges and community programs offer scholarships to students with high SAT scores.

When attending college the first thing you must do is take a college entry exam, but colleges allow you to use your SAT score and eliminate having to take the exam. If you have a high score this is a big reward, possibly earning you a higher college placement and essentially saving you money.

Most students choose to take the SAT before senior year–typically during junior year–because they have enough education background to answer the questions asked and they can submit scores with their college applications. If they don’t pass, they still have time to retake it as well. So there is little risk to taking the SAT.

So go on, go online and take the practice SAT. You have nothing to lose, and if you score well, you can sign up for the real test. And if you do poorly on the test, you don’t even need to submit your results to the colleges of your choosing. The benefits far outweigh the three hours and fifty minutes you spend on a Saturday.