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    Among the variety of electives available at Orcutt Academy is the student-favorite option of Photo class.

In this class taught by Mr. McManus, students learn how to take pictures with perfect lighting and learn how to use the right angle in a picture.  Mr. McManus plays videos on proper lighting and angles to teach his class how to take a proper picture. Mr. McManus says, “In Photo 1, students will learn how to take a proper picture. In order to move on to Photo 2, you must understand how to take a good picture.”

    Mr. McManus teaches two periods of Photo 1. In Photo 1, the newest project is taking a picture that was taken by a professional, cut it in half, and taking a picture of their own, cut it in half and match it with the original inspiration. Students are to put the two together to make it look symmetrical. In addition to this, Mr. McManus is having his Photo class take a picture around town, then photoshop a different picture into the original picture.

     Tatiana Quezada, a student at Orcutt Academy, says, “ I like Photo 1 because it is an easy A and the class is fun.”

Students around Orcutt Academy can all agree that Photo 1 is an easy and fun class that they can learn a lot from.


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