Valentine’s Day Help, best local date ideas to match your personality

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Valentine’s Day Help, best local date ideas to match your personality

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Why settle for the same old routine week after week? This Valentine’s Day, surprise your significant other with a unique and local date. Here are some ideas for any type of person.


The Romantic

First, you need to gather all  the blankets you own and buy a book about constellations. Next, pick your date up and take him/her to their favorite restaurant and order food to go. Once you get the food, drive to the nearest park and set up a romantic picnic. Add a few roses and  some hot chocolate and you’ve got yourself a unique stargazing date sure to impress your significant other.


The Adventurous

This date is more of a day-trip than an evening event. The first thing to do is drive up to Grover Beach. From there, go to the Amtrak Station. Amtrak is a statewide train company that provides an enjoyable trip to almost anywhere in California. The next step is to pick a destination. For example, if you choose Santa Barbara, then you simply board the train and enjoy a scenic view of the coast while you dine and spend time with your date… then you can walk to the zoo and enjoy the outdoors. All Aboard!


The Hipster

If you and your significant other are as obsessed with old records as you are with each other, than this date is for you. A short drive up to downtown SLO will bring you to an abundance of record stores and used bookshops. Some of the stores include Boo Boo Records, Cheap Thrills, and Phoenix books. Enjoy walking around the stores with your significant other and, of course, a Starbucks or Peet’s coffee.


The Artist

Los Alamos seems to be the most unlikely place to go on a date, but this little town is home to an exceptional restaurant and hosts live gigs regularly. Located in the lobby of the Union Hotel, this restaurant adds life to the century old Inn. Accompanied by live shows and a beautifully lit courtyard, this is the perfect place to bring your date if they appreciate beauty and artistic talent. Nearby are numerous art galleries and a lovely selection of vintage shops.


The Goofy

If your boyfriend or girlfriend likes Spider-Man, then why not order a costume online for $79.99 and dress up as their favorite superhero? In fact why stop there? Why not climb on the roof and surprise your date when they get home? Don’t forget to throw roses at them and quietly sing a song to remind them that not only are you Spider-Man, you also know how to do the romances. This is a sure way of making your significant other laugh(or at least creep them out) this Valentine’s day.

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