POL School Champion named


Sarah Santiago

Eden Bailey, the soon-named winner, won over the judges with a passionate recitation.

The top 10% put on their best as they recited poems in front of the school today. This year, the ladies ruled the stage, and senior Eden Bailey remains the POL Champion for the second year in a row.

On Thursday, February 11, Eden and four others will travel to Santa Barbara to compete in the county competition at the court house. The five top-earning champions include:

  1. Eden Bailey –  “Advice to a Prophet” by Richard Wilbur
  2. Cianna Williams – “Negative” by Kevin Young
  3. Claire Craig – “Ode for the American Dead in Asia” by Thomas McGrath
  4. Nicole Foster – “Cartoon Physics, Part One” by Nick Flynn
  5. Chandler Alvino – “Domestic Situation” by Ernest Hilbert

Congrats to all. This was the best year yet. We look forward to what happens next as our competitors face off at the county level.


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