Freshman find new mentors in the FCC program

Were you terrified of going to your first day of high school? For most of us, it was scary jumping into a new school and not knowing what is to come. Enter the Freshman Connect Crew (FCC). Modeled after other school’s programs, OAHS has implemented a mentor program for freshman to provide them with extra resources and care to ensure those freshman fears can disappear.IMG_6497

The supervisor and creator of the FCC is the one and only Mr. Fredriks. Leading the crew are head mentors Mikaila Sarellano and Lauren Wickers.  Sarellano was asked to be co-creator of the FCC and gladly accepted last spring. After she came up with the main idea,Wickers joined in to help.

“We know that freshmen get scared coming into high school,” Sarellano says. “I definitely was. So we want to make the freshman feel as comfortable and at ease as we possibly can.”

The FCC wants to involve our freshmen in absolutely everything to make sure they have an awesome year filled with memories that will last a lifetime. Therefore, the crew concerns itself with everything from the social side of high school to the classroom academics. In essence, they mentor freshman to adjust to high school.

Since the FCC just started this year, they have many ideas t
hat they want to pursue and are busy making plans. The Freshman Connect Crew says it is too early in the year for all their ideas to become reality, but they hope they can do as many as they can.
IMG_6493So far the group has run freshman orientation, which many of the interviewed freshmen found very helpful. They have also held a fundraiser movie night to work toward funding their many  planned activities.

Freshman Megan Anaya says, “The one things that is unique about Orcutt Academy is that you can feel comfortable asking anyone at the school for help knowing they will help you.” And now with the FCC, there is one more group to help.

The FCC is all about getting freshmen started right on their high school experiences, and with its first year, FCC is going to be very busy and exciting. Check back soon for more details as the FCC makes its mark on our campus.