PSAT for all sophomores

PSAT for all sophomores

The recent changes in the SAT and PSAT has prompted a change in the way Orcutt Academy administers these tests – now all sophomores will be required to take the PSAT.

Usually the PSAT takes place in the fall for all students, but the College Board has added a second testing time in the spring for 10th graders. Mrs. Ciervo and Mr. Shaw have long been  discussing how students benefit from taking the PSAT and have wanted to make it standard for all sophomores for a long time. So when this opportunity came up, the school decided to take action.

Mrs. Ciervo is confident this test will help students know what they need to work on if they want to be successful when taking the SAT. Even if students are not sure whether or not they want to go to college, this test is a good step to take in case they do decide to get a higher education

An issue for some students is that they do not have the extra money to spend on taking the PSAT, and this is what prevented them from participating the past. With this new program, students do not have to worry about how they will pay for the test because it will be funded by the school or SOAR.

The new PSAT will occur on Wednesday, February 24th. We will keep you posted as to how sophomores feel about the test and how they faired.