College application process

This is the most stressful time of the year for seniors in high school. College application deadlines are either approaching or have already passed. Here’s what some of our senior Spartans had to say about this process:


rsz_20151120_122513_1When asked how the college application process is going, Ivy Dyson says, ¨It was very stressful but it feels really good now that it is over, and I am really excited to find out which colleges I got accepted to!¨ The colleges Ivy applied to are Santa Clara University, Cal Lutheran, St. Mary´s College, UCSB, and UCSD. So far, she has already been accepted to St. Mary´s.



When asked how the college application process is going, Adrienne Diaz says, ¨It´s really long, difficult, and time consuming.¨



When asked how the college application process is going for her, Hannah Alarcon says, ¨Don´t procrastinate, and do have in mind what colleges you want to go to. Also, don’t be hindered by the price of tuition.¨



Felicia Tran exclaims, “It’s AWFUL. As a warning for future students, don´t procrastinate on your personal statements, ask as many people as you can to read it, and have all your transcripts in order.”



Daniella Hernandez says, ¨ I’m still working on it, and it has been very stressful because you have to keep track of all the deadlines, and your SAT and ACT scores.¨