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Marco Rubio, interesting, but not my candidate

Marco Rubio is one of the many Republican candidates for president. His views and opinions make him fairly unique.

Rubio is rather indifferent to topics such as immigration policies and quite opinionated about others such as abortion and gay rights. He had a lot to say about abortion and believes that it should be illegal after 20 weeks (except in certain cases). He is against gay marriage but says Americans need to abide by the existing laws. Rubio believes if he is elected he will “balance the budget” but has not specified how.

In addition, Rubio is adamant about building up the military. He doesn’t think that we should bring troops back from middle eastern countries and he is determined to increase money flow to the military.

Personally, I don’t think that Marco Rubio has what it takes to lead our country. His opinions are far too behind the times and do not agree with a majority of American’s morals. He may embody the generic religious and hard-working American, but his beliefs are not relevant to what the citizens of America want. For example, his anti-gay perspective opposes a reported 60% of American’s opinions. We need a president who understands and respects the opinions of the citizens and doesn’t openly oppose rights for minority groups.  He is focused on the individual needs of people similar to him, and not necessarily the needs of an entire country. However, his official website is selling MARCO POLO shirts which is pretty much the greatest thing ever. So I may not support everything he stands for, but I respect his goal of reviving the American dream.


Sources: marcorubio.com




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